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Friday, January 10, 2014

Interesting News about Mahesh Babu Son Gautam

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Mahesh babu son is 7 years old and this age normally children do childish activities but Mahesh Babu son is acting like a matured actor. Users already know that Gautam is acting in Mahesh Babu ‘One nenokkadine’ movie.

During the shooting, when Gautam come to the shooting he asks director Sukumar what is todays scene, when director Sukumar explaining the scene to Gautam he asks simply I will see the remaining tell me whether today scene is a happy scene or sad scene and even in dubbing also he oked in a single take and also after saying the dialogue he says the dialogue came right or I should say once again. With this director Sukumar and the team members are shocked to see the maturity in Gautam at this age.

Mahesh Babu ‘One nenokkadine’ movie is releasing on January 10 and the fans are looking for this movie. 

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