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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hot actress Tamanna Increased Her Remuneration

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Hot actress Tamanna is one of the top heroines in Telugu and Tamil industries. Acting, hot songs, dance made her the top heroines in Telugu and Tamil industries. Earlier Tamanna remuneration is around one crore and now Tamanna increased her remuneration to one and half crores.

According to the latest news, she demanded one and half crores for a Tamil movie. The movie is with Ajit. The producers agreed to pay the remuneration and Souryam, Daruvu fame director Shiva is directing this movie. With this deal Tamanna became the highest remuneration taking heroine in South.

Currently hot actress Tamanna is doing a Bollywood movie, Himayat Wala and a Tamil movie with Ajit and a Telugu movie named Bale Tammudu. Tamanna glamour, acting got good marks in her recent movies and that is the reason for demanding remuneration. 

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