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Friday, November 30, 2012

Director Rajamouli Dance at Marriage Sangeet Function

Director Rajamouli dance and anchoring is the center of the attraction in a marriage Sangeet function in Golconda Resorts, Hyderabad. Rajamouli and his wife Rama, music director Keeravani and his wife Valli came to the function. The marriage sangeet function is one of the popular doctors family.

Currently Rajamouli is fully concentrated on Prabhas movie. This movie is made atonce in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi languages. The latest news is that a bollywood star heroine and another actress are selected for Hindi version. As the craze for Rajamouli movies is increased in Bollywood, Rajamouli is coming with a straight movie in Hindi.

The script work is completed and the movie will be a completed action entertainer. Andala Rakshasi heroine Lavanya Tripathi got selected in this movie. The director Rajamouli got impressed with the performance in Andala Rakshasi movie and got a chance in this movie. The story of the movie includes so-ciao fantasy and rebel star Prabhas is seen in a new look.

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