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Saturday, December 17, 2011

5 Movies are Releasing Today

sharwanand engeyum eppothum anjali ananya

Last week power star Pawan Kalyan Panja movie has released and this week more than five movies are released. Hollywood telugu dubbing movie Mission Impossible4 released and today Sharwanand Journey movie, Kiran – Swatha basu movie Nuvekkadavunte Nenakkadavunta movie and Hot Actress Aarti Agarwal movie ‘Vana Kanya – Wonder Virudu’, Swetha Menon ‘Rati Nirvadam’ and also movies such as ‘Deyyam Unda’ and Dunia movies are released this week.

Murugudoss produced movie Journey released in Tamil as engeyum eppothum already got a hit talk in Tamil and going successfully to 100 days. Uday Kiran Swetha Basu working hard to stabilize their place in movies. The expectations are high on Swetha Menon Rathi Nirvedam movie. Lets see who will be successful. 

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