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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ram Charan Upasana Engagement Muhurtam

ram charan upasana engagement photos

Ram charan Upasana engagement preparations are going in a grand style. The celebrations are begun in both in mega star Chiranjeevi and in Apollo Chairperson Prathap Reddy houses. The muhurtam of this mega event is on December 1st Morning 10 o clock. At 11.55 minutes Ram Charan is going to wear the Engagement Ring to Upasana. This mega event is at Golconda Resorts near Gandipeta. Ram charan has already invited Governor for his engagement. According to film nagar sources, political and top celebrities are going to come for Ram charan Upasana engagement.

According to film nagar sources, Ram charan Upasana marriage is going to be in the Capital city Delhi. Megastar Chiranjeevi is planned to use Ram Charan marriage for political use and in this regard he planned Ram Charan marriage in Delhi. The preparations for both the engagement and for the marriage are planned in a grand style by both the families.

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