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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Singer Sunitha Getting Wrong Calls From

Singer sunitha is getting the wrong calls these days because users are aware that a lady journalist filed a case against hero Nagarjuna for abusing and threatening her based on an article written by her before four years back on Nagarjuna. The lady journalist name is Sunitha Chowdary and she is working as a sensor board member. She filed a case against Nagarjuna.

Here comes the dispute with singer sunitha. Most of the Nagarjuna fans are thinking that the Sunitha who filed a case against Nagarjuna is the singer Sunitha and thats it from the last two days singer sunitha is getting lots of calls and asking about the case and some of the fans are also giving warning to her on filing the case. Even after saying that she did not filed any case, the fans are not listening to her. This is the reason why singer sunitha getting wrong calls.

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