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Monday, October 3, 2011

Mahesh Babu Bollywood Entry Confirmed

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Users are aware that there are many gossips on Mahesh Babu Bollywood entry and now it is confirmed by the news published in Mumbai Mirror news paper. The latest information is that a movie is finalized by hero Mahesh Babu. Hindi movie Prince(Vivek Oberoi) director Kuki Gulati is going to direct this movie.

According to the news that currently the director Kuki Gulati is making Techa Baap Tyacha Baap movie and after this movie the movie with Mahesh Babu is going to be started and the news is that Sobo Films is going to produce this film.

Kuki met Mahesh Babu recently in an ad film shooting and discussed a thriller line to Mahesh Babu and Mahesh was very much impressed and asked him to meet him after preparing the complete script.

And also according to the film nagar sources Kuki once again met Mahesh and discussed with him during Dookudu shooting in Mumbai. The media asked the director Kuki and he said the project is in initial stage and not yet finalized and also said that he is currently doing a Marathi film. Mahesh Babu Dookudu movie is going to be done by Salman Khan in Hindi and users know that Mahesh Babu Dookudu is creating new records in collections.

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