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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Lady Journalist Files Case on Hero Nagarjuna

hero nagarjuna pics

A freelance Lady Journalist reported a case against Hero Nagarjuna. The police said that they booked the case under 506, 509 sections. Sunitha Chowadary is working as a sensor board member. She reported on her complaint that Hero Nagarjuna abused her with vulgar language and threatened her. Sunitha Chowdary is working as a free Journalist for ‘The Hindu’ newspaper and also working as a sensor board member.

Four days back she also attended the Damarukam press meet along with other Journalists in Annapoorna Studios. There Nagarjuna called her specifically and abused with vulgar language and threated her. Four years back Sunitha Chowdary wrote an article on Nagarjuna that he is acting with the use of wig. He kept this in mind and abused her on this cause, she mentioned this is the reason on her complaint. Police said that they have registered the case under 509 (abusing with vulgar language) and
506 (threating) and investing the case.

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