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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hot Actress Shwetha Basu with Krishnudu

swetha basu hot

Hot Actress Shwetha Basu introduced with Kotta Bangarulokam movie and now she is committed to do a movie with Krishnudu. As she don’t have any of the offers these days and also not maintaining her personality, the producers thought she would be best besides Krishnudu and booked her for this movie. Varudu fame Banu Mehra is acting besides Rajiv Kanakala. This movie is produced by Chandu Films and Rajiv Kanakala, Krishnudu, Sumit Arora are playing the main charchters in this movie. Shewetha Basu, Banu Srimehra are the heroins. Madhusudhan is the director for this movie. the producers said the shooting is planned in Hyderabad, Bangalore and in Ooty and planning to release this movie in January. Posani Krishna Murali, Roja, Devaraj, Kondavalasa playing other roles in this movie.

Shewtha Basu became a star with Kotta Bangarulokam movie but she did not maintained it well and by not maintaining her body well she didn’t get the best offers. Movies such as Ride, Kasko, Kalavar King movies are not successful and it is not sure that the movie Nuvvekkadavunte Nennakkada movie with Uday Kiran is going to be release or not. The situation become for her in such a way to give a stage show in Kakinada for New Year Celebrations. In this situation she readly accepted a movie with Krishnudu also.

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