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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hot Actress Genelia Said Sorry to Media

hot actress genelia

Recently hot actress Genelia done a cat walk in a fashion program in Hyderabad and as it is a long time to see Genelia in Hyderabad. Some of the journalists asked her for an interview and this made her very angry and scolded the journalist. The other journalists who came for the program are shocked to see Genelia in that way. All the journalists got angry with her behavior. The management of this program is in state of bother with this issue between Genelia and media.

The management people discussed with hot actress Genelia and after some time, some how Genelia said sorry to the journalists. The management and the other journalists are discussing what made Genelia so much angry. Currently she is doing a movie with Rana in Na Istam movie in Prakash Tolati direction. Simha producer is producing this movie.   

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