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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Watch Ali Baba Aradajanu Dongalu Full Movie Online | EVV Satyanarayana Movie

ali baba aradajanu dongalu

Ali Baba Aradajanu Dongalu is a full length comedy movie in Evv Satyanarayana direction. Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivasa Rao combination comedy scenes are highlight for this movie. the acting of Rajendra Prasad is good and make to laugh, the comedy action of ali, iron leg sastri is simply hilarious. The director Evv Satyanarayana is well known for this comedy scenes and comedy dialogues and in this movie all the dialogues are hilarious and makes to laugh any one. The first half of the movie is more comedy than second half and the funny ladies get up by all the comedians is simply superb scene to watch. For this scene, I have watched more than 5 times this movie for especially for this scene.

The two hot heroins are equally played their characters in glamour role and involved in romantic scenes and also the director of this movie is successful to make a hilarious movie with good situation based scenes through out the movie. The comedy scene in the police station and at first night scene, and the funny scene at the jail in which all the comedians are there is simply remarkable. Through out the film the comedy is well set from first frame to last frame. The comedy activities of both Brahmanandam and kota srinivasa rao team are light for this movie. It is better to watch this hilarious movie and enjoy the comedy in Evv Satyanarayana direction. The character of Nirmalamma in this movie and the comedy between brahmanandam and kota srinivasa rao is remarkable.

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