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Friday, September 23, 2011

Top Telugu Comedian Brahmanandam Torture by His Fans

Top telugu comedian Brahmanandam is having lots of torture from his fans. Yes you heard it right, you may think what kind of torture it is, these days some of the fans of  telugu comedian Brahmanandam or some of the other people making fun of him by morphing his face with top tollywood actors. These pictures are all over in most of the social networking sites. Keeping the funny names of top tollywood actors and morphing his face on them. Some of them are Badrinath changed to Brahminath. Dookudu as Pakudu are coming on net. And after that they changed the pictures of politicians with Brahmanandam and they as Barack Brahmi, Konijeti Brahmayya photos.

And also they also created morphing images with Anna Hazare photos aswell and named as Brahmi Bazare for fun. Latest news is that these funny people are not leaving the sports stars also recently they changed Srilanka Fast Bowler Malinga with Brahmanandam image and named as Bralinga. In this way these people are creating lots of torture for Brahmanandam. Lets see how Brahmanandam will react on these morphed images,.it is not clear whether Brahmanandam is feeling happy that his name is getting free advertisement. Or feeling himself. But all the telugu comedy lovers are enjoying  a lot by these Brahmanandam morphed images.

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