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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nayanatara Prabhudeva Marriage Postponed Due to Prakash Raj

nayanatara prabhudeva marriage pics

Users are expected that all the disputes of Nayanatara Prabhudeva marriage are over and only their marriage is remaining but there is a small problem due to Prakash Raj. Yes, due to prakash raj Nayanatara Prabhudeva marriage is being postponed. Because Prakash Raj is busy in directing ‘Dhoni’ film.

There is a link for Nayanatara Prabhudeva marriage and ‘Dhoni’ movie. As we all know Prakash Raj is a versatile artist playing various types of characters and entertained audience. But in the real life also he is playing a different role. He is the close friend for Nayanatara and Prabhudeva and he is looking after all the marriage preparations. As expected the marriage is planned in September but as prakash raj is busy in directing ‘Dhoni’ movie, the marriage is postponed to October.

One more interested thing is that earlier when both Nayanatara Prabhudeva are in love, they both used to spend more time lonely in Prakash Raj house itself and they used to use this house for romance when prakash raj is out of the station for shooting purpose.

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