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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hot Tollywood Actress Did Not Take Membership

hot tollywood actress pics

Hot Tollywood actress Tamanna, Samantha, Illeana, Tapsi, Jenilia, Nitya Menon, Parvathi Melton, Sneha and other heroins and also some of the character artists didn’t take the membership in MAA.

MAA president Murali Mohan said that we already informed many times to these actress and some of the charchter artists also but there is no response from them till now. Till now Anushka and Kajal are only taken the membership. Murali Mohan said that they have sent the notices and if there is no response till the end of this month then a ban will be implemented on these heroins and there will be no support from MAA.While answering one of the questions from media, Murali Mohan said all the heros are already taken the MAA membership.

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