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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hot Telugu Actress Kamna Jetmalani Secret Marriage

Kamna Jetmalani hot photos

Telugu Hot actress Kamna Jetmalani acted half a dozen movies with Allari Naresh. Recently a sensational news about her is that she got married to a Dubai Shek. Recently from past few days she is not in Hyderabad and also not acting in movies also. She is frequently going to America which raised a question in media that why she is going to America frequently. According to film nagar sources, Kamna married a Rich Dubai Shek in America and that is the reason she is going to America frequently. But it is not able to understand why she is maintaining it as a secret.

Recently most of the hot actresses are making the secret marriages and some of them are not making public after having a baby also. Lets see when Kamna Jetmalani will publically make a statement about her marriage.

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