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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hot Actress Tamanna Sleepness Nights

These days Hot actress Tamanna is having sleepless nights. She is getting good offers and also her carrier is in a swing but you might think that why she is spending sleepless nights. Actually she is spending sleepless nights due to over workload.

These days Hot Tamanna is busy is with movies, She is acting in Jr ntr Oosaravelli, Ram Charan Tej Rachcha, Yendukante Premante movies and also she is booked for Rebel movie with Prabhas. Because of these films and also she don’t want to leave any of these movies because she got a good chance to work with top heros. In order to do justice for all the movies she is working hard overtime and coming at late nights and as well as starting at the early morning for shooting and don’t have good sleep. According to film nagar sources she is using the sleeping tablets as well.

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