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Friday, September 30, 2011

Foreign Model Maryam Zakaria Carrier in Bollywood and Tollywood

maryam zakaria hot pics

A new foreign model is coming to shake Tollywood, her name is Maryam Zakaria. Already she got a good response of her hot hot performance in Naga chaitanya 100 percent love movie with Diyyalo Diyyalo…….. song. This song was a hit and she received good response. Already she entered into Bollywood and now planning to settledown in Tollywood as well. She is acting in an important role in Allari Naresh Madatha Kaja. 

Maryam speaking on her telugu charchters said she is very happy and said Hyderabad is going to be her second house and she likes this city well after Mumbai. And also said these days she is getting more offers in Bollywood and as well in Tollywood also and also said she is not only permitted to item songs but also want to prove herself in acting also.

Now a days both in Bollywood and Tollywood the need of foreign girls is increasing for special characters in the movies. Recently in Pawan Kalyan ‘Teen Maar’ movie also a foreign girl acted in the movie. These types of stories are increasing in both Bollywood and as well as in Tollywood. Along with these charchters the offers for item songs are usual for these foreign girls. In this context, Maryam carrier is going to rock in Tollywood and Bollywood

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