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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Comedian Ali Special Party to Tollywood Actors

telugu actor ali photo gallery

Ali is a well known comedy actor in Tollywood, he begin his carrier by giving mimicry shows and started his cinema life in Chennai. And after he has been introduced as a child artist in Seethakokachiluka movie.This movie was a big hit at that time and ali has got a good name and after that he got an opportunity in Swatimutyam movie and well recognized as a good child artist.

Ali has a good name in the industry that he maintains a good relationship with all. Even though some of the comedians come and gone but ali is still leading comedian with his remarkable comedy and secured a good position in the industry. Recently during Ramzan festival Ali gave Iftar party to Tollywood actors, politicians, heros, heroins, comedians and his coactors.

According to film nagar sources, the items such as Mutton Haleem, Chicken Haleem, Vegetarian Haleem, Pulasa Chepa, Royya are arranged by ali in the party. All the heros, heroins, politicians are very much impressed with Ali special party and congratulated him on the eve of Ramzan.

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