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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yana Gupta Comments on Bollywood and Surgeries

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We all remember ‘Akalesthe Annam Pedata………” song in Shankar Dada MBBS movie, in this movie the item song girl Yana Gupta remarkable glamorous song and dance. She is saying the real facts in the cinema industry with out no hesitation. She said a heroin will get a chance these days only if she wear small skirts and do exposing. No chances in Bollywood acting with a sari and they don’t have any future as well.

She also said most of the exposing is in modeling itself compared to movies. She justifies that her exposing is very less in the movies than she used to do in the modeling. Yana Gupta said these are very common in this glamour world and said she feels very happy in doing this. Generally people comments on our dresses are common and we should take it light and go on to lead the life. Yana also said there are many types of surgeries to improve the glamour and she supports the breast augmentation surgeries as well.

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