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Friday, August 19, 2011

Vennela Kishore is Replacing Sunil

comedian sunil

Babu mohan and brahmanadam are well reputed with good comedy charchters besides hero or a vilan. These days ali, venu madhav and sunil are doing these charchters. As these days sunil is doing only hero roles, there are many charchters are vacant for these roles. Eventhough venumadhav, ali are there but sunil weight, color, height looks apt for some charchters and these days Vennela Kishore is having a similar look of sunil. Most of the directors and producers are looking he would be the better option.

Kishore is introduced with ‘Vennela’ movie and his dialogue delivery is in Telangana accent. His comedy in Bindaas, aha na pellanta, yemaindi vela is well received. So venella kishore might be the replacement for sunil.

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