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Monday, August 22, 2011

Telugu Actress Apoorva Profile | Telugu Apoorva Aunty Side Actress

telugu actress appoorva hot pics

Telugu charchter artist Apporva is one of the hottest charchter artists in tollywood. She is mostly called as Apporva aunty.  She is acting in both telugu and tamil movies with most of the side actress roles and some of them are wamp charchters. Her remuneration is 25,000 per day. She acted in most of the telugu movies which includes comedy movies as well.

She has done most of the glamour roles and reputed well as hottest telugu actress. Her hot pictures and videos are all over the net. She has acted in most of the hot scenes. Apporva is one of the well established telugu actress with good money and fame, recently she has purchased some acres of land in Hyderabad which values more than a crore.

These days she is doing more glamour roles which includes hot scenes. She is well know to most of the top directors and producers. Earlier in her carrier she worked hard and faced most of the problems in the industry. According to film nagar sources, her carrier also starts with ‘Khadgam’ movie theme. She worked hard for her ‘first chance’.she has done most of the comedy and romantic charchters with comedian and side actor raghu babu, kondavalasa, dharmavarapu subramanyam and others.

She has acted in most of the hot scenes and there are many apporva hot photos and videos all over the net. Recently most of the tv producers offered her good remuneration and she is also doing tv programs also.

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