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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Superstar Rajinikanth Supports Anna Hazare

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Rajinikanth said Anna Hazare is the real hero as he is fighting against the most considerable problem of India i.e the corruption, he is fighting against the corruption and rising confidence in all Indians to fight against the corruption. Rajinikanth said he supports Anna Hazare and he is doing an inspiring movement to bring an effective ‘Janlokpal bill’ and requested others to support Anna Hazare to destroy corruption from India.

And also said it is good that we have this kind of strong determined people to deal with this most dangerous problem and hope Anna Hazare get succeed and congratulated all the people who are supporting Anna Hazare.

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Tintu said...

Anna ji you don't forget we are always with you . We are blessing for your health . It is shame , who are not accepting the truth .or taking long time for accepting the truth.
God bless you Anna ji..... Anna ( means the elder broth ). now ANNA is the brother of nation.....