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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sanjjanna Loves Anna Hazare

anna hazare photos

She is in the movie industry from last few years and well reputed as one of the hottest actress in Bollywood and she involved in most of the gossips with top heros. Recently she fell love with 74 years old man and she is also making statements that she want to marry him if he is interested. That old man is non other than ….Anna Hazare who is fighting against the corruption.

Sanjanna said he is the real hero, talented men and  said he is the modern Mahatma Gandhi and love his confidence as he is shaking the central government, that’s why she want to love him.

By her comments itself it is clear that she is making all these comments for the publicity. Lets see how Anna Hazare fans and team responds on her comments.

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Tintu said...

always voted for cond party , i was great fan of rahul ,sonia and sheela dikshit,but after anna hazare i never voted for congress all congress party are curropt,pm toh bus naam ka hai power toh ghandhi's ki hai ,today's middle and poor people r suffering due to corruption all neta r geeting richer's day by day ,they all has made us idots for long time .bt now we have to fight for our rights and fight against corruption ,give more support to anna