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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Comedian Sunil Again Want To Do Comedy Characters with Hero Roles?

telugu comedian sunil photos

Sunil is one of the actors in telugu industry with in short period of time got a good name as comedy actor. He planned his career well by doing hero role in andala ramudu and as well as continued with comedy charcters in most of the films. But the movie with rajamouli has changed his carrier and now he wants to do only hero roles. But the Appalaraju movie with Ram Gopal Varma made him to think once again because it was a disaster and after this movie he did get any hero roles.

Now, again he is planning to do any comedy characters and want to do the hero roles if he gets. Recently he got an opportunity to work in Veerabhadram Chowdary direction and he is in a dilemma whether this movie will be a hit or not and don’t know when it will be completed also? And no guarantee whether he will be busy with the chances of charcters in the coming movies. According to film nagar sources, sunil is trying to do any comedy charcters and as well as to work in hero roles if he get an opportunity to do and most of his friends also suggested the same thing to him.

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