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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aamir Khan in Hindi Tagore Remake

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After eight years the telugu movie ‘Tagore’ is going to be remake in Hindi. According to film nagar sources, Aamir Khan has agreed to do this movie. The producer Manthena Madhu belief is to remake this movie in Hindi due to his inspiration of Anna Hazare fight against the corruption, so now he want to remake this movie in Hindi. The producer Madhu said the Tagore movie is well received by the audience at that time and now he think it is the right time to do this movie in Hindi and the circumstances are good as well.

In this movie the hero will punish the corrupting people. The more details about this movie with the technical team will be announced soon. Tamil movie ‘Ramana’ is the base for telugu Tagore movie. A professer fighting against the corruption is the main theme of the movie and it was a big hit in Tamil and then it was remaked in Telugu and there was also it was a big hit. AR Murugudas is going to direct this movie. Earlier he directed Aamir Khan ‘Gajini’ movie which was a big hit.

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