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Friday, June 24, 2011

Remuneration of Top Telugu Hot Actress Illeana Anushka Tamanna Kajal

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Illeana is in the top position who is taking the top remuneration in Telugu industry, according to an English News Paper. She is taking 1.25 crores in both Telugu and Tamil industries and also the English news paper also published that she is getting the same remuneration in the Bollywood as well.

About Anushka, she got a stardom with Arundathi, Vedam movies and she is taking one crore remuneration in both telugu and tamil industries and stood in second place.

Tamanna secured third position in the list and the movies produced by Sun TV in all the movies she receives 70 to 80 lakhs in remuneration. She got very less remuneration for :Badrinath and 100 percent love movies which was produced by Allu Arvind.

Kajal, she is going with non stop hits in telugu industry these days and she has good demand in both Chennai, Hyderabad and in Mumbai as well. She increased her remuneration after the hit of Mr Perfect. She didn’t reached to the top remuration but she is taking 40 to 50 lakhs remuneration.

Desamuduru ‘Hanshika’ is charging 30 lakhs per movie. And after in this list is Genelia, after the flop of Orange movie she lost the demand in Telugu industry. According to the fim nagar sources in Rana Na Estam, Naga Chaitanya Bejawada Rowdilu movies she is taking very less remuneration i.e is for twenty five lakhs. But in Hindi she is taking more than one crore as remuneration but she don’t have any movies there.

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