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Monday, June 13, 2011

Prabhas Mister Perfect Running Successful towards 100 Days

prabhas mister perfect pictures

Entertainment, music, family relationships……..included in ‘Mister Perfect’ movie. We worked for more than two years for this movie and now it is rewarded with a hit. Dil raju produced ‘Mister Perfect’ movie Prabhas is the hero and kajal, tapsi are the heroins and Dasarath is the director. Recently this movie crossed 50 days.

Speaking on this movie, Dil Raju said the Piracy problem is more for the movie with the new movie releases but still our movie withstand with good collections. We showed Prabhas in a different look. Actors help, technical people talent made this movie a hit. This movie completed 50 days in 130 centers and running towards 100 days said by Dil Raju.  

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