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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pawan Kalyan Once Again Experimenting with Surya

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Khushi was the biggest hit in pawan kalyan career and this sensational movie gave a special range to pawan by the director SJ Surya. And at the same time after ten years surya came up with a disaster movie ‘Komaram Puli’ with pawan kalyan. These days the director Surya is again meeting with pawan and discussed a project.

According to film nagar talks, director Surya came up with a good script that is actually suits to pawan kalian body language. The interesting point is that pawan heard the script and ready to do the movie and the director for this movie is not yet confirmed and also according to the sources, pawan has strong faith in Surya talent. Once again he want to do a movie with surya. Lets see how much successful this movie to both SJ Surya and pawan kalyan

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