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Monday, April 4, 2011

Jr Ntr Shakthi Effect On Allu Arjun Badrinath

jr ntr shakthi allu arjun badrinath pics

Last Friday released Jr nrt shakthi movie is not impressed the audience. Now the team of Badrinath is in a state of bother to this response because both the movies are with same story line. In this movie, allu arjun playing as a role of protector for Badrinath and second half is similar to shakthi movie flash back story, according to sources.

If shakthi was a hit then they want to release Badrinath after some gap but as this movie got a flop talk, the distubutors, buyers are troubled to buy these same story line movies. And the buyers are thinking that shakthi is already compared to Magadheera and if badrinath is compared to any other movie then what is the fate of badrinath movie. The whole team of badrinath is in deep thinking.

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