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Friday, October 29, 2010

Allu Arjun Marriage with Sneha Reddy

Allu Arjun marriage is on the cards. He is in love with Sneha Reddy who has completed her engineering in USA, she is the daughter of a business man belongs to Hyderabad. Considering Sreja issue, both the families with Megastar Chiranjeevi family agreed to the marriage.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Superstar Rajinikanth Next Film is Hara

After the super success of  Robo, Rajinikanth once again proved he is the South Indian Superstar. It is curious to know about his next film. His next film is Hara. Actually Hara is not a new project, it is the old project sultan, the warrior. The title of this movie changed Sultan to Hara and will be released. In this movie, Rajini is playing a dual role. One role is normal Rajinikanth and another role is similar to Avatar Animation role.

Rajinikanth daughter Soundarya is directing this movie. This movie contains 30 minutes of Rajinikanth scenes. These scenes are going to be directed by the director KS Ravi Kumar and may be the Bollywood actress Vidyabalan to act in this movie.

Samantha Is the Heroin in Pawan Kalyan Movie

A maya chesave fame Samantha is in a row with films and got selected in Mahesh Babu ‘Dukudu’ which is directed by Srinu Vaitla and now she got selected in Pawan Kalyan’s movie which will be directed by VV Vinayak and the producer for this movie is DVV Danayya. She also impressed with modern dresses in Junior NTR s ‘Brundavanam’. The story for Pawan Kalyan movie is provided by the writer Akula Shiva. Now Pawan Kalyan is busy in ‘Khushi Khushiga’ which is directed by Jayant 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mallika Sherawat is in Hyderabad

Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat is in Hyderabad to participate in a private program. She has also participated in the promo of her latest movie His…s. Irfan Khan is acting with her in this movie. She told she worked very hard for this movie. She also said in Telugu words as ‘pamu paga teerchu kune mundo’ and created hal chal. The snake kissing scene in this movie is already created more hipe.

Another Title Dispute on Gunashaker Katti Title with Kalyan Ram

We are aware of Mahesh babu Khaleja title dispute. There is another title dispute going on katti title which was registered by Gunashaker before three years keeping ‘ravi teja’ is in mind. Gunashekhar is serious on Kalyan Ram katti title, adding kalyan ram to his registered title ‘Katti’. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Remarkable Comedy Scenes between Kota Srinivasa Rao and Brahmanandam

Watch MS Narayana Comedy Scenes in 143 Movie

MS Narayana Comedy Scenes in 143 Movie

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Considering Puli, Mahesh Khaleja, Ram Charan Teja Orange Venue changed?

We all know Mahesh ‘Khaleja’ audio released in Radio Mirchi office in Hyderabad, and Ram cheran Tej “Orange” is also planned to release the audio in the same way, but the “Mahesh Khaleja” got an average talk. The Orange team is once again thinking about the venue. Tollywood follows the sentiments and this is one of the examples.

And it is a rumour that ‘Orange’ songs might be released directly into market. There is also a sentiment that Music director ‘Harish Jayaraj’ movies are flops when he is given music directly to a telugu film. ‘Orange’ team is also considering all the sentiments and looking for better solution.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Priyamani What is Your Problem Song with Nagarjuna

Priyamani is a versatile actress doing various different charcters in both telugu, tamil, kannada and Malayalam films. This is the reason priyamani has a specific recognisation as a good actress and this is not an easiest thing to get successful comments from Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam movies.

Recently she is working in a movie with Nagarjuna. This movie is directed by Veeru Potla. 'Aasta lakshmi what is your problem...teerusta nee kastam'  song is shooted between Nagarjuna and Priyamani which is written by Ramajoggayya sastri and music provided by Taman. She is expecting this movie will be her one of the successful movies.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Nandi Awards 2009 - 10 | Best Movie Magadheera | Actor | Actress

Nandi awards for the year 2009-10 are announced by state government.Rajamouli directed movie ‘Magadheera’ won ‘Nandi’ awards in 10 departments. Dasari Narayana Rao won the best actor award for the movie ‘Mestri’. Hero srikanth’s ‘Mahatma’ movie  won four nandi awards. The best director award goes to ‘Magadheera’ movie director Rajamouli.

Best movies

First best movie – Sonthuru
Second best movie – Banam
Third best movie – Karavaramaye Madilo

Best Actor - Dasari Narayana Rao (for the movie Mestri)
Best Actress – Teertha (Sonthuru)
Best Director – SS Rajamouli (Magadheera)
Best Producer – Allu Aravind (Magadheera)
Best Vilan – Taraka Ratna (Amaravathi)
Best childactor – Sai Krishna (Drona)
Best Story – Leader
Best Jury Award – Ram Cheran Tej
Best Debut Director – Suman Pathuri
Best Singer – SP Balu (Mahatma)
Best Dubbing Artist – Sowmya  (Mahatma)
Best Music Director – Keerawani (Vengamamba)
Best Documentries – Karthvyam, O jogini kada
Special Jury Award – Mahatma
Best Popular Movie – Magadheera
Best supporting actor – LB Sriram
Best comedian – Kishore
Best writer – Suddala Ashok Teja (Mestri movie – Talli o talli)
Best fight master – ram-lakshman (Raid)
Best dialogue writer – LB Sriram
Supporting Actress – Ramya Krishna (Raju Maharaju)
Best first movie – (enkosari)
Effects – Kamal Kannan (Magadheera)
Best art director – Ravindra (Magadheera)
Best choreographer – Shiva Shankar (Magadheera)
Best supporting actor – Ramjagan (Mahatma)
Best child movie – Najarana

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shankar Rajinikanth Robo Nizam Share Is More Than

Generally the range of the film is decided based on the shares of Nizam area.
Shankar and Rajinikanth Latest sensational hit ‘Robo’ got 3 crores 75 lakhs share for only 3 days and this is next to ‘Magadheera’ and this film got 4 crores for the first 3 days and stands at first position in Nizam area. All the distributors and exhibtors are happy to see a dubbing film is making records and it is estimated that this film is going to gain shares of more than fifty crores. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chiru Fans Request to Robo Director Shankar

Robo is a big success for super star Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai in Shankar direction and this movie is one of the big successful movie in 2010. After hearing the talk of ‘Robo’ the megastar fans want to meet the director Shankar to ask him to do the 150th movie of Mega star Chiranjeevi.  The megastar fans want to see their favorite star 150th movie to be a big success and the re-entry of chiranjeevi is to be a great success. One more important thing is that Chiranjeevi himself said he want to do with a movie with Shankar in ‘Robo’ audio function.

Nagarjuna Girl Friend Is Selling Her Gift Flat

Tollywood is well know about the relationship between Nagarjuna and Tabu. It is a generalized fact that if any one give their gift to others, that means there is some thing wrong between them, in this case it is between Nagarjuna and Tabu. Tabu is selling her gift flat which was presented by nagarjuna at that time. When ever tabu visit’s Hyderabad, she used to stay in that beautiful house. These days nagarjuna is moving closely to Anushka and making her to be the heroin in his coming movies and this is the reason that tabu is selling her gift.