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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tanikella Bharani Biography | Telugu Comedy Actor Tanikella Bharani Profile| Bharani Filmography

Tanikella Bharani is one of the muti talented actors in telugu movie industry as a dialogue writer, poet and a actor. He was born on July 14 1956 and belongs to Palkol, Andhra Pradesh. He worked for more than three hundred movies with most of the remarkable charcters and being a writer most of the dialogues written by him are well reputed.

He started his film career in seventies with the help of one of his close friend Rallapalli by writing some stage scenes. After that he went to Chennai for any opportunity and after desperate trying he got a chance to write dialogues for the movie ‘Kanchu Kavacham’

‘Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Recording Dance Troupe’ was his debut film as an actor and he also provided dialogues for this remarkable comedy movie. Being a versatile actor he can play any type of characters justifying his role whether it is a charter artist, vilan or comedy oriented role.

Tanikella Bharani is well reputed with his remarkable comedy scenes in most of the movies such as Appula Apparao as a typical thief and the charcter played by him in ‘Shiva’ is well recognized, from all the charcters played by him he is well noted from the movie ‘Yamaleela’ which was directed by S.V. Krishna Reddy. The role played by him in the movie named ‘Thotaramudu’, the comedy scene between the editor of the news paper and him is one of the remarkable comedy scenes. The dialogues starts with Chelliki pelli, jaragali malli malli, watch this comedy scenes of Tanikella Bharani

The vilan charchter played by Tanikella Bharani in ‘Athadu’ is one of the feathers in his cap, especially the scene between Mahesh Babu and him is remarkable watch this scene from Athadu and this movie is directed by Trivikram Srinivas. These days he is a busy charchter artist in tollywood and he is well recognized in kollywood also.

Tanikella Bharani married Bhavani and has a son and a daughter. He has also directed one movie named ‘Sira’ which helped him to get a best director award at Idaho film festival.

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