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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

EVV Satyanarayana Biography | Telugu Comedy Director EVV Satyanarayana Profile | EVV Satyanarayana Movies

EVV Satyanarayana is one of the popular names in telugu movie industry as a top telugu comedy director. His movies are well recognized as entertainment oriented movies with most part of the movies are full length comedy. He was born on June 10 1956 in Dhommeru, West Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh.

EVV belongs to a rich farming family. He married with Saraswathi Kumari and has two sons Rajesh and Naresh. He used to watch lots of movies in his school and college days. Even though he didn’t have any desired interest to settle in telugu movies, he came to telugu movie industry for his survival. His strong dedication, sincerity to work made him successful associate director to most of the films of Jandhyala and learned more skills from the top director.

He struggled hard to get any kind of job in film industry and went to most of the directors for any kind of job in those days with his strong dedication he made to find associate director job in his earlier days. After working for years as an associate director he got an opportunity to direct the film ‘chevilo puvvu’ and this movie is not successful due to various reasons.

EVV major break through came with the film ‘Prema Kaidi’ which was a big hit under Ramanaidu production and from then onwards he had given most of the successful movies in which most of them are comedy oriented movies such as Hello Brother, Appula Apparao, Aa okkati adakku, Jamba lakidi pamba, Varasudu, Alibaba Aradajanu Dongalu, Kitakitalu, Evadi Gola Vadide, Bendu Apparao RMP besides comedy movies he also directed sentiment oriented movies which are also received successfully by all telugu comedy lovers the movies such as Aame, Kanyadanam etc.

EVV Satyanarayana movies list mostly contain number of comedy oriented movies with remarkable comedy scenes in which Jamba lakidi pamba will be the first with full length comedy through out the movie with different story line. From the movie Hello Brother, the comedy between Nagarjuna and Brahmanandam is remarkable and love to watch number of times. The comedy in Appula apparao and Aa okkati adakku is well accepted by all telugu comedy lovers as the top telugu comedy movies.

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